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Top 10 Best Practices For An Effective “Go-See”

top10“Top 10 with Jonathan Morgan” is an ongoing series of tips, tricks and advice pertaining to topics in the adult film industry and directed at talent. Sharing part of the insight that makes our talent NEXXXT Level.

In my over 20 plus years as an adult director I have seen thousands of girls through the process known in the adult industry as a “Go-See”. A simple meet and greet between female performers and the directors or producers they hope to work for in the future. After enduring thousands of these “Go-See’s” because of my work with Wicked Pictures, I have compiled a list of the top 10 best ways to make you stand out and get not only noticed but also hired for future adult work.

#1 SHOW UP ON TIME: A lot of times most “Go-See’s” are set up by appointment with a set time and place for a director/producer and actress to meet. This is the best time to show that director/producer that you can be depended upon to show up on their movie sets on time. Showing up to this late will only hurt your chances of getting hired because of the simple fact that it shows a lack of respect and professionalism on your side.

#2 SHOW UP WITH FULL MAKE UP ON AND HAIR DONE: Remember this is the first time you’re going to make a first impression. Looking like a million dollars shows the director/producer that you are taking this “Go-See” very serious and you want to get their attention. If you show up at a “Go-See” with no make up on and you look like you just rolled out of bed indicates your lack of seriousness and who wants that on their set.

#3 WEAR A CAUSAL SEXY OUTFIT: Again it’s all about making that first impression a memorable one. Wearing an outfit that makes you look sexy as well as classy is the best way to start. A great sundress will do the job perfectly and can easily be removed if they need to see you naked for stills. Showing up with dirty, old cloths does not make you look like a rebel but it sends the message that you just don’t care what you look like and why should any one else.

#4 KNOW WHO YOU ARE SEEING: When going to a “Go-See” know who you are seeing. Do your research before hand and have a little knowledge of the company as well as the person you are seeing for the “Go-See”. Directors/Producers want to know they are special and when you have an insight on who they are and what the company is all about it tells them that you care about them and in turn, they should care about you. But showing up with no clue as to who or what they are is a poor way of getting any type of call back.

#5 DON’T BRING YOUR DRAMA TO A GO-SEE: Look we all have problems at home but at no time should you bring up how you hate your boyfriend because he cheated on you with a potential director/producer who is going to hire you for his next project. You want to have the image of a “Drama Free” performer when meeting directors/producers for the first time.

#6 SELL YOURSELF: A lot of performers forget why they are on this “Go-See” and the answer is…TO SELL YOURSELF. Never forget that the whole reason you are there is to sell yourself as a performer. The type of performer that will be great for that directors/producers next project. Take this time to point out all of your best assets and to assure them that you would indeed be perfect for their next project.

#7 HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS: When going on a “Go-See” you will be asked many questions ranging from “What do you do on camera?” to “Will you do this on camera?”. Always have a clear distinct answer to every question you are asked and if for some reason you don’t have an answer, always answer with, “Can I get back with you on that question”. Never answer with “I don’t know” because that could come off as “I don’t care enough to find out that answer”.

#8 HAVE YOUR PAPERWORK ON YOU: A lot of the time you will be asked to present some kind of ID or proof of age on you. Never show up at a “Go-See” with out these forms of paper work. No paper work could mean the end of a “Go-See” before it has a chance to begin.

#9 ASK QUESTIONS: Just because you are asked a ton of questions does not mean you can’t ask some of your own. It’s ok to ask a question or concern while at the “Go-See”. Asking questions shows that you have an interest in their product as well as themselves. Don’t let a “Go-See” be a one-way conversation. Be a part of it and show them that you truly want to be hired by them.

#10 BE CONFIDENT NOT ARROGANT: There is nothing sexier then a person full of confidence. Unfortunately most people think their arrogance is confidence and come off as a complete Bitch or Jerk.