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Tony Sting Stars in The Trans Family From Gender X

Tony Sting, Nexxxt Level Talent Agency’s rising crossover performer, stars in The Trans Family from director Jim Powers and Gender X.  Since joining the agency, Tony has been a featured performing many popular bi and trans titles, with Gender X featuring the cast of this new take on the taboo family genre.  Tony is known for delivering great scenes and his work with Gender X hasn’t gone unnoticed as he works with them regularly.

Veteran director Jim Powers has been shooting porn long enough to know an up-and-coming performer when he sees one.  “Tony is amazing. He’s a great guy and a great performer.  He’s probably one of the nicest and most reliable males in the business,” says Powers.  In The Trans Family, Tony and his scene partner, the stunning Natalie Mars, work though a number of positions in a scene that showcases Tony’s enthusiasm for Natalie and in his performance.

Tony really likes working with the Gender X crew and had a great time on the set of The Trans Family, “Working with Jim and his team is always great. He makes that fun and easy-going vibe every time on the set. There was enough time before the shoot to get to know other performers that made it easier to work and had a lot fun as I always do on set.  Everybody thought that my accent is very hot. Especially when I was speaking in Russian. Not to mention that the script was hilarious.”

Tony is Nexxxt Level’s first crossover signing, leading the way for the agency to sign trans performers as well. Producers and directors have enjoyed hiring Tony as Jim Powers has stated and his future looks bright.  Nexxxt Level co-owner Jonathan Morgan added, I could not be happier with Tony and watching him grow into the juggernaut that he is, shows you why he is a fan favorite”

Jim Powers’ The Trans Family starring Tony Sting, Natalie Mars, Emma Rose, Liv Revamped, TS Foxxy, Gracie Jones, Draven Navarro and Johnny Hill is available now from Gender X on DVD and VOD.

Tony Sting is represented exclusively by Los Angeles-based Nexxxt Level Talent Agency.  Follow Tony on Twitter and keep up with his latest adventures in the adult industry.