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Tony Sting Has A Hot Threeway in Highball

NEXXXT LEVEL superstar Tony Sting has another new release to add to his credits with Highball from Ray Ray XXX Productions.  Sting stars opposite Ray Ray and trans performer Tori Easton in Highball where he is the sexy bartender both ladies are looking for.

Ray Ray and Tori have a bet to see who Tony will pick if given the chance, much to their surprise or satisfaction, Tony had wanted them both from the minute they walked into his bar.  After a quick set-up, the three performers lose their clothes and move to the pool table for a different type of game.  Highball clocks in at over 20 minutes giving fans a great opportunity to see Tony at his best as he is at the top of his versatile game in this intense scene.

Nexxxt Level co-owner Jonathan Morgan says Tony is a great asset to have on the agency’s roster, “Having Tony on the Nexxxt Level roster is definitely an asset.  Producers and directors have noticed that Tony can do it all and then some, he’s always willing to bring a great attitude along with a great performance to whatever set he’s working on.  He’s getting more comfortable with scripted dialogue and ad-libbing scenes too, He’s literally had his best year to date and I can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring!”

Highball starring Tony Sting, Ray Ray and Tori Easton is available now from Ray Ray XXX Productions.