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Tony Sting and Victoria Voxxx star in BiPhoria’s Aren’t You Bi?

NEXXXT LEVEL stud Tony Sting showcases his versatile sexual performance in the last twist in a bi-themed title from celebrated director Jim Powers.  Aren’t You Bi? features Tony and his co-stars Leda Lotharia and Cesar Xes on the box cover for this hot title from BiPhoria.

After a quick set-up featuring the 3 performers, Tony, Leda and Cesar are quick to lose the clothes and get into each other.   The goal of giving each other orgasms is what they’re working for in scene of bisexual lust and passion.  Tony’s fans will love seeing him work over both Leda and Cesar as he takes them both on a wild ride.

Victoria Voxxx also makes an appearance in Aren’t You Bi? in a hot 3-way with Michael DelRay and Jake Waters.  She takes control of the scene rather quickly and has both so hot and excited, they’re willing to do anything and that they do.  Victoria loves her job and it shows in this hot scene with these two horny studs.

Nexxxt Level co-owner Jonathan Morgan says Tony continues to be one of the agency’s more popular male performers, “Tony is an amazing performer.  He has done great work with bi and trans performers as well as in traditional straight scenes.  Tony does it all and he handles every booking, whether is a dialogue role or sex scene, with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism.  The directors and producers he’s worked for have all given great feedback about Tony and this year should be his best year in the industry yet!”

Agency co-owner Andre Madness had this to say about Victoria, “Victoria continues to be one of our most in-demand models and she is giving award-winning performances every time she’s on set.  Everyone loves working with her, including everyone at Nexxxt Level!”

Aren’t You Bi? starring Tony Sting, Leda Lotharia, Cesar Xes, Adira Allure, Victoria Voxxx, Michael DelRay, Jake Waters, Alpha Wolfe and Joel Someone is available now from BiPhoria.