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Maya Kendrick

Nexxxt Level Talent Agency is pleased to announce the signing of two new clients to their highly selective roster of adult performers. The first is Maya Kendrick, with only a few months in the Jizz Biz under her belt, Maya turned to Nexxxt Level to help her reach her porn goals. Then there is fresh off the bus Skylar Snow who teamed up with the Dynamic Duo in Jonathan Morgan and Andre Madness to give her the much needed advice and management to be the next big “IT” girl in the porn world.

Skylar Snow brings more to the table then just her knockout looks. This transplant from Puerto Rico is an avid surfer, speaks 4 languages and studied biology at a college in New York City before turning her talents to performing adult films.

Skylar Snow

Skylar was intent on signing with an agency that would give her the best chance to succeed, she chose Nexxxt Level and explains why, “Before entering into the world of porn I wanted to team up with an agent who could not only get me work but give me the guidance, the advice and the over all support that will help me achieve a long and profitable career. I researched for over 6 months reading reviews, blogs, and twitter feeds, to find my top three choices. After talking to all three agencies the choice was easy, Nexxxt Level had and said everything that I needed to hear. They answered my thousand questions and explained things to me that was easy to understand. I know both Jonathan and Andre are the type of agents who will help me to achieve in my porn career.

Maya Kendrick is a Lyengar Yoga practitioner and had plans to be a florist before venturing out in hopes of achieving her shot at fame as a professional porn star. She speaks Spanish and admits to be naturally very sexual. Maya had this to say about her decision to go with Nexxxt Level for representation, I wanted an agent who brought girls to their fullest potential and had the utmost respect for everyone they represent. Having a small roster is definitely icing on the cake. I’ve heard great things about Nexxxt Level and I can’t wait to start working with them in this business, they know their stuff.”

Skylar Snow and Maya Kendrick are available for bookings now, for more information and a complete gallery of casting images please visit their pages on the Nexxxt Level website. Skylar can be found here, SKYLAR SNOW, and Maya here, MAYA KENDRICK