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Rising Stud David Lee on His First Year in the Adult Industry

David Lee, has experienced an incredible first year as an adult film performer. The industry’s reception to this man has been extraordinary, and the reputation he has created among his peers has been incredibly positive. It is impossible to predict if any performer is going to make something of their experiences that resembles success in this industry, and yet David’s first year has been a hard-earned, constant path of pure progression. David is well on his way to being one of the great performers that this industry has experienced a handful of times before.

David shared this about his first year as a porn performer,

“The past year has been a difficult year for a majority of the world. We have had to make difficult decisions, forced into isolation, took precautions and risked our lives on a daily basis simply to survive. For me, those risks are still present and have also been the catalyst of an awesome self-discovery within an industry that I love and respect. If you said to me two or three years ago that I’d be a successful male talent in porn, working almost every day with beautiful women and getting paid for it, I would’ve laughed it off in disbelief. Now, one year later, I couldn’t have found a better career choice for my own personal growth. I appreciate every day and everyone, along the way, who has shared in this very cool experience.

My time with Nexxxt Level agency has been incredibly positive and I am eternally grateful for the entire team, their guidance and support. I have the best job in the world and I am doing my best every day to be a better performer than I was the previous day.
I have worked hard to be consistently great in this career, and to focus on a path of progression starting from my very first opportunity. I always intend to stay fluid in wherever this career path takes me. However, I will need to come up with new goals to accomplish, as my agency and I have far exceeded what I had hoped to accomplish within my first year in the adult industry.”

Andre Madness added this about David Lee, “We couldn’t be happier to share this incredible career with such a talented and hard-working man. It’s not easy for everyone to take guidance in making their career flourish, especially if that guidance does not fit on their terms. David has never resisted our constructive building of his career path and has gone beyond the initial guidelines we suggest for each performer to be successful. Moreover, we have an entire year of producers and talent reporting back incredibly positive feedback to us, every week, on their experiences with him. David is more than a powerhouse performer, he’s a powerhouse performer who is humble and respectful of the people around him and the job that needs to be done. Fans are simply going to love this guy, just as much as the industry and this agency does now.”