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Pristine Edge
Back in 2015 Pristine Edge broke into the exciting world of Adult Entertainment and quickly became a favorite to both directors and hardcore fans alike. But her raise was short lived when Pristine fell in love and made the decision to put her porn career on hold as she began to pursue a new goal in her life, that of making a family.  Fast forward to 2018, Pristine is ready to pick up where she left off in her fledgling porn career and capture the hearts and minds of the porn world.  With a new thirst for wild and nasty sex, along with a new look, Pristine is laser focused on her quest to hit the top . Helping in her quest for super star status, Pristine has teamed up with uber agents Jonathan Morgan, Andre Madness and the team at Nexxxt Level Talent Agency. Having chosen Nexxxt Level for her representation, Pristine looks forward to reconnecting with old fans and creating new ones on her quest for success.
Asked about her choice in choosing Nexxxt Level, Pristine had this to say, “Before reentering back into the porn scene I wanted to team up with an agency that would work with me to not only help get me as many bookings as possible but would be there to help give me the advise and mentorship that I needed to make the biggest splash in this field. With over 25 years each of experience that both Andre and Jonathan have, I know they are the perfect pair for any and all of my questions when it comes to the many hurdles I will encounter in this business. I feel together we can be a great team and take my career to the next level.”
Co-owner and agent Andre Madness of Nexxxt Level, had this to say about signing Pristine Edge, “We here at Nexxxt Level are always looking for those special people that are focused about having an impact on this industry and after talking with Pristine, you can quickly tell this is a woman who is very serious about her career and would be a perfect fit to the already amazing roster we have here at Nexxxt Level” 
Pristine Edge is hitting the ground running and is ready for any kind of sexual situation that can be thrown at her.
Available for bookings now, a complete profile with updated images can be found here. Pristine can be found n Twitter here.