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Oliver Davis Takes on Step-Sister Freya Parker in Swallowing Stepsister from Zero Tolerance

One of Nexxxt Level Talent Agency’s busiest studs, Oliver Davis, is featured on the box cover of Zero Tolerance’s latest taboo tryst, Swallowing Stepsister.  His sexy co-star, Freya Parker, is front and center with Oliver embracing her from behind.  While you can’t judge a movie by it’s cover, you can certainly get an idea from this one picture that the scene will be a highlight of this release.

Oliver and Freya waste little time getting through their initial dialogue before getting right into it giving viewers a very hot sex scene from start to finish.  Oliver shared he may have actually had some real-life experience with this very subject matter, “’Swallowing Stepsister” was a brilliant depiction of an increasingly common taboo sexual frustration. I was able to fully immerse myself in the persona in this fantasy, as I have personal experiences with it! It was a fun day filled with laughs and amazing sex. Couldn’t ask for more!” says the always upbeat Mr. Davis.

Since signing with Nexxxt Level, Oliver has been working regularly for a variety of companies and producers.  Nexxxt Level co-owner Jonathan Morgan had this to say about Oliver, “Oliver has surpassed any expectations that the agency had and even Oliver had.  He’s quickly become a favorite of the producers and co-stars he’s worked with in both LA and Vegas. 2022 should be a big year for him.”

Swallowing Stepsister is another entry into the ever-popular step-family category of porn.  Fans are definitely going want to add this title to their collection.  Oliver and Freya’s scene is definitely the highlight of this DVD.

Fans can pick up Swallowing Stepsister from Zero Tolerance on DVD and VOD.  A preview clip can be seen here.

Oliver Davis is represented exclusively by Los Angeles-based Nexxxt Level Talent Agency.  Follow Oliver’s Twitter and Instagram profiles for updates on what he’s doing next.