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Oliver Davis Takes On Avery Black in EFW 17: Winner Fucks Loser

NEXXXT LEVEL’s Oliver Davis is featured in the latest from Evolved Fights, EFW 17: Winner Fucks Loser, where he has a match with Avery Black.  What starts off as a somewhat playful match soon turns into solid wrestling match which will delight fans of both Oliver and Avery.

Director Ariel X and her team have created a really great looking set that adds to the production value of any Evolved Fights release, including EFW 17: Winner Fucks Loser.  Fans can check out a preview here.

Nexxxt Level co-owner Andre Madness had this to say about Oliver, “With this sort of project where there’s no script, just a basic theme and a wrestling match is a chance to let loose and have some fun.  Oliver got a chance to work for Ariel X, who’s created a popular niche series with her Evolved Fights, and have some fun without having to really worry about a script or remember lines.  Oliver can change gears from doing character work one day to shoot a wrestling match and deliver amazing performances for both productions.”

EFW 17: Winner Fucks Loser starring Oliver Davis, Avery Black, Will Tile, Misty Meaner, Sgt. Miles, Jasmeen LeFleur, Chad Diamond and Red August is available now from Evolved Fights.

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