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Oliver Davis Stars in Lust Cinema’s California Dreaming

Oliver Davis stars in Inka Winter’s California Dreaming for award-winning studio, Lust Cinema.  Oliver stars opposite Maya Woulfe and Jane Rogers in this plot-driven release that confronts Oliver’s character’s past, present and future relationships.

Oliver’s character Elijah takes a road trip through sunny California, reminiscing about his relationship with Jane’s character, also named Jane.  Eventually he makes his way to a deserted ghost town after his car breaks down where he meets Maya and he’s transported to the wild wild west of the 17th century.  Part erotic western and part road picture, California Dreaming allows for all three leads and director Inka Winter to shine.

Oliver Davis raved about his time shooting this picture, “The three days I spent shooting California Dreaming were just that, a dream! It’s been an ambition of mine since I started my journey in the adult entertainment industry to work with Lust Cinema. I’ve loved the depth of character that their stories have portrayed, so it was an honor to have the opportunity to bring another character to life on screen for them! Along with that, I was able to drive one of my favorite cars of all time (65’ Ford Mustang) on none other than the famous Route 66 no less. The cherry on top was working with the lovely Jane Rogers and ethereal Maya Woulfe, in two magical scenes. Definitely a ride you won’t want to miss!”

Nexxxt Level co-owner Jonathan Morgan has nothing but positive words to share about Oliver, “When Oliver first signed with us, I had hoped this would be a positive experience for everyone involved, needless to say, all of expectations have been exceeded and then some.  Producers, directors and even other performers have enjoyed working with Oliver and the professional attitude he brings with him to whatever set he’s on for that day.  2022 has been huge for him, 2023 is on track to be even better!”

Inka Winter’s California Dreaming starring Oliver Davis, Maya Woulfe and Jane Rogers is available on VOD from Lust Cinema.