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Nicole Sage on the cover of Go Bi or Go Home

Nicole Sage has made an incredibly positive impact in the adult film industry in a very short time.  Her top-notch performances continue to wow critics. It’s undeniable that Miss Sage loves her new found career, and it’s obvious the fans are loving her too.  The cover of this latest movie by Devil’s Film, “Go Bi or Go Home”, features Nicole Sage with her costars, Aspen and Dillon Diaz.

Jim Powers and Devil’s Film continue to pump out some of the hottest Bi content in the industry today.  Jim’s ability to capture award worthy performances seems to come second nature to this industry icon.  “Go Bi or Go Home” stars Nicole Sage, April Olsen, Dillon Diaz, Wolf Hudson, Michael DelRay, Johnny Hill, Electra Rayne, Cesar Xes and Solomon Aspen.

Nicole Sage shared this about her experience making the movie, “This was my first bisexual experience on camera.  It was such an incredible time!  I got totally lost in the moment and forgot the cameras were there on a few occasions.  Working with Aspen and Dillon was amazing, and we all shared some genuinely great sexual chemistry in that performance.  Jim Powers and his crew are always wonderful.  They all appear really passionate about what they do, and it shows on and off camera.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I’m presented in this career, and for the beautiful people I meet and work with too.”

““Go Bi or Go Home” is available now on both DVD & VOD.