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Nexxxt Level Talent announces new promotional vehicle for booking clients

Chatsworth, CA – With digital piracy on the rise and social media’s signal to noise ratio leaning in the favor of the noise, Nexxxt Level Talent has announced a new initiative to help their performer clients cut through the chatter and combat indirect piracy across social media. Starting today clients that have booked with Nexxxt Level Talent can submit promotional materials and social media content directly to the agency via a form on their website.

The information submitted will be shared on the Nexxxt Level Talent Agency blog, their email marketing efforts and passed along to their talent to promote the work in a manner that does not indirectly support piracy through the sharing of links to sites that infringe on a studios copyright. “There is a rise in the baiting of talent to share links across social media that direct users to free content that is blatant content theft.” Said Jonathan Morgan, co-owner of Nexxxt Level, “We are always looking for ways to help our clients, both talent and studios that book with us, we feel this is a win-win for the authenticate promotion of both parties.”

“Social Media is the new print advertising, it has leveled the playing field for small studios and increased brand awareness for the larger ones.” Said Michael Sinclair owner and creative director for VMG, the digital marketing agency that helped Nexxxt Level Develop the program. “We have always enjoyed a great relationship with Jonathan and Andre at Nexxxt Level so after brainstorming with my social media director we took some ideas to them and this all sort of came together. I am looking forward to seeing talent be able to safely promote their scenes without having to follow all the unscrupulous companies trying to sand-bag on their brand. Being a former content producer myself I can also appreciate the need for any promotion available.”

Clients of Nexxxt Level can submit promotional materials and social media friendly links via the form found at

Questions about the program or booking with Nexxxt Level Talent Agency can be directed to or by calling 747-444-9840

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