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Nexxxt Level Talent Agency’s Signs Industry Veteran Eddie Jaye

NEXXXT LEVEL is pleased to announce the addition of Eddie Jaye to their male line up of amazing performers.  Eddie has been in the adult film industry since 2006 and, over the years, has learned powerful lessons on surviving as a male performer in this highly competitive film industry.  Eddie is aligning himself up with Nexxxt Level to thrive and make the next chapter of his career the GOAT.

Andre Madness, owner and agent, shared this about teaming up with Eddie, “I had some amazing conversations with Eddie over a period of time.  He has been through a lot in this industry and experienced some valuable lessons along the way.  What impressed me most when vetting Eddie, was the consistently great things producers, directors and a former agent had to say about him and his work ethics.  The entire team at Nexxxt Level is looking forward to managing another powerhouse male performer in an industry that desperately needs more powerhouse male performers.

Eddie expressed this about joining the agency, I chose Nexxxt Level in order to help expand my brand, beyond what I’ve done for my career so far.  To form a partnership with experts in their field, to reach heights and accomplishments together, as a team.”