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Nexxxt Level Talent Agency’s Signs David Lee

NEXXXT LEVEL is proud to announce the newest male performer to their agency, David Lee.  David completed a 6-year run of devoted service to the U.S. Air Force before he decided to spread his wings in a different direction and begin a new chapter of his life as an adult industry performer.  He is a fan of basketball, football, baseball, volleyball and has a history refereeing as well.  Mr. Lee is also currently training hard and gaining experience in both Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do.

Andre Madness, co-owner and agent, offered this about signing David Lee, “I genuinely enjoyed all my conversations with David before signing him to the agency.  He is an impressive young man with a great set of goals that I feel he can accomplish.  David comes from a family with history in adult entertainment and is aware of how tough it is to create a career, especially as a new male performer.  He is a uniquely experienced individual with a lot to offer the industry.  David has an impressive physique, great work ethic, and as one of the only Korean-American male performers in the American Porn Film Industry, we’re thrilled to have David as a part of our agency.”

David Lee shared this about why he chose Nexxxt Level as his representation, “At first, I applied to several different agencies out of curiosity. Some time passed and I started to get discouraged and questioning whether this is the right decision. Then Andre Madness contacted me.  Immediately I could tell over our talks that this would be the best opportunity for me to become a male performer. Over the course of several discussions I got valuable insight of the adult industry and what I needed to do to make this partnership work to my advantage.  I felt genuine interest in the development of my career with their agency and am grateful for the opportunity to sign with Nexxxt Level.  I ready to get started and use their incredible agency experience to see what can come of this new career path.”

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