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Nexxxt Level Talent Agency is Proud to Announce the Signing of Oliver Davis

NEXXXT LEVEL is proud to announce their latest male talent arrival, Oliver Davis.  Oliver has led a charmed life.  He was born, raised in Las Vegas and was one of the top athletes throughout school.  A lot of attention came with being one of the top jocks in school, and that experience has appeared to help Oliver settle in the spotlight of being a performer with smooth effort.  Oliver’s getting into the business is a classic, “by chance”, story, and Nexxxt is happy to be the new chapter in Oliver’s journey.

Jonathan Morgan, owner and agent, had this to say about signing Oliver, “I am excited to have Oliver Davis teamed up with Nexxxt.  I really got to know this man in our initial talks.  Oliver’s reputation is already been established as very positive.  In the first few days of representation, we found out just how well liked, and in demand, he is in the industry.  It feels like this is going to be a great fit with Oliver and Nexxxt.

Oliver shared this about joining with Nexxxt Level, “I know I have a real talent for this work, and now have the resources to be properly introduced to the entire adult industry, with the help of Nexxxt.  The team at Nexxxt Level are incredibly professional, attentive and, I feel are, already helping me focus my professional skills to reach my potential.  Being a performer is a highly competitive market, and it benefits me hugely to be laser focused with each performance.  Partnering with a team like Nexxxt, to properly manage my bookings, schedule and career is a welcome help that I will take full advantage of in my continued efforts to grow.  I’m excited for the future.”