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Nexxxt Level Talent Agency is Proud to Announce the Signing of Jupiter Jetson

NEXXXT LEVEL is proud to announce the representation of fiery sex kitten Jupiter Jetson.  Jupiter is a Las Vegas based talent that began her career 1 year ago.  In her pursuit of progress, she has teamed up with Nexxxt Level Talent Agency and their amazing team.

Jonathan Morgan, owner and agent, had this to say about signing Jupiter, “My conversations with Jupiter were inspiring.  She’s a business person through and through.  What made us take notice was her determination and accountability for making choices.  Jupiter spoke with several agencies, and finding the right fit was important to her.  Finding the right fit is equally important to us.  Her experiences in life, previous sex work and setting future goals are what we genuinely appreciate when choosing to team up.”

Jupiter shared this about why she signed with Nexxxt Level, “I was really blown away by the professionalism and focus on mentorship that was brought to the table.  I really wanted a team that is as invested in my success as I am, and I feel like I found that at Nexxxt Level.  I am with Nexxxt to help me gain a few simple goals, and those are: obscene wealth, worldwide fame and a legion of admirers.  I know being with any agency doesn’t make those goals happen.  However, being my determined-self, with the right agency, will make it possible for me to achieve anything.”

Nexxxt Level invites both adult producers and adult companies to reach out and book this amazing performer and treat your fans to a performer who gives 100 percent to all of her scenes and comes with a high level of professionalism every time.