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Nexxxt Level Talent Agency is Proud to Announce the Signing of Alexis Kay

NEXXXT LEVEL now represents Alexis Kay.  She is the quintessential “girl next door”.  This Midwest beauty has come to the West Coast with dreams of succeeding in her “dream job”.  Fans are in for an amazing treat as she gets settled in her new career.  Alexis is here to create impactful performances throughout the industry.

Andre Madness, owner and agent, had this to say about signing Alexis, “We are all super pumped introducing Alexis to the adult film industry.  For several months, before signing our deal, we got to know each other and make certain we would be the right for Alexis, and that she would be the right fit for the Agency.  Our agency is an incredible resource for resourceful people, and Alexis is a motivated person that we feel is going to do extremely well in this new career.  Companies will be impressed by her performances, professionalism and incredibly charming demeanor.  The fans will be impressed too.”

Alexis shared this about why she chose Nexxxt Level, “After spending a lot of time doing research online, I decided to contact Nexxxt Level.  I was highly impressed with their talent list that included some very big named stars.  I was impressed again by the timing of Andre’s quick, and thorough, response to each of my messages and questions.  We scheduled several talks over months, and every one of them was better than the last.  Over the course of several conversations, the Agency’s dedication became clear to me on how they operate in the industry, and for the people they represent.  Another thing that impressed me about Nexxxt Level, is that they are open to mentorship.  Good guidance is something I want in life, and certainly within a new industry.  I have a mindset that craves learning great work ethics & mastering my skills.  After months of consideration, and answering all my questions, I knew that Nexxxt Level was the perfect match.  In other words, Nexxxt Level was for me!”