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Nexxxt Level Talent Agency Adds Rebel Lynn to Roster

Nexxxt Level is proud to announce the newest addition to the agency, Rebel Lynn.  Rebel is far more than the sweet and innocent model you see in pictures, she’s an incredible performer too.  This six-year veteran has had years fine tuning her performances, and making them consistently amazing.  Rebel’s passion to grow beyond what’s she accomplished, till now, has inspired her in choosing Nexxxt Level.

Jonathan Morgan, owner and agent, offered this about signing Rebel Lynn, “Rebel is an amazing young woman.  After getting to know Rebel, I appreciate she’s all business.  Rebel’s goals of making a positive mark in the industry, is something we can absolutely get behind.  We’re excited to be teaming up with Rebel and look forward sharing this time in her career.”

Andre Madness, owner and agent, contributed the following, “I had the pleasure of directing Rebel in a movie called “Fallout” for Hustler a few years ago.  I was genuinely impressed with her performance, look and professionalism back then.  Rebel is an extraordinary performer that is about to show a lot more people what she can do.  We’re genuinely happy to team up with Rebel Lynn.”

Rebel had this to share about joining Nexxxt Level, “I’m thrilled to be joining The Nexxxt Level Agency!!!  I have big dreams and goals for myself.  Nominations, winning awards and even hosting a show someday.  I want to become the type of legendary performer that Nexxxt Level already represents.  I’ve shot for a handful of companies till now, and it feels like I’m just scratching the surface.  I am teaming up with Jonathan Morgan and Andre Madness so they can help me take my career to the Nexxxt Level.  I’ve paid attention to them rebranding performers and pushing careers in an upward trajectory, unlike any other agency in the biz.”

Click HERE to view Rebel Lynn’s model profile.