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Nexxxt Level Signs Playboy Model Petra Blair

Sexy Blonde Eager to Share Her Special Talents

Nexxxt Level Talent Agency is excited to announce the latest addition to an already stunning roster – Petra Blair! The 25-year-old enchantress has always been a theater baby, an actress born to be on stage with true entertainer’s blood coursing through her veins! From a very early age Petra knew she wanted to entertain the masses and became a classically trained jazz singer. Later she added award-winning burlesque dancer to her illustrious resume. More recently, she began to share her extraordinary talents with the world of adult entertainment!

Aroused by intelligence, Petra is one of the only performers in the jizz biz to claim to be a true “sapiosexual” woman. Those unwilling to explore further, rarely end up on the receiving end of Petra’s sexual pleasures. The breath-taking beauty used her considerable intellectual resources when selecting representation, adding that it was the extra effort that ultimately sold her on Nexxxt Level.

“I knew Nexxxt Level had my best interest at heart from our first meeting,” explains the talented temptress. “They took the time to really get to know me and made sure we were all on the same page before jumping into commitments. This team is honest, communicative, and thorough every step of the way. I have full confidence they will provide all of the proper guidance for me to succeed.”

Nexxxt Level is thrilled to be able to guide this talented new star along the path of adult entertainment and into to the hearts of fans worldwide. Drawn in by her insatiable allure, the boutique adult talent agency is excited to sign her to an exclusive contract.
“We are delighted to be able to add Petra to our strong roster of top shelf entertainers,” says Jonathan Morgan. “We look forward to seeing her career take off and expect big things from this talented performer.”

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