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Lexi Stone Returns to the Adult Business and Signs with Nexxxt Level

NEXXXT LEVEL is thrilled to announce the signing of Lexi Stone who’s come out of retirement and is diving back into the adult industry.  This knockout MILF is ready to start shooting scenes for a whole new fanbase.  Anyone who followed Lexi when she was first getting into the porn business back in 2009 will be thrilled to know she’s back and better than ever.

During the time she was away from performing, she kept herself busy writing but always watching what was happening from the adult business from the sidelines, “I wrote and published a book that’s available on Amazon called “My Real Dad Was A Stripper”. It’s a true story of how I found myself in porn the first time. When I first wrote it 10 years ago, I had a very different perspective on how I felt about the business in general. As I’ve grown older, and watched from the sidelines, I decided I was ready to jump again. While I’m here in LA for the next few months, I will be working on book number two, “Lexi Stone Diaries”, which will reflect my first experience in the industry. My hesitation, my nerves, my shock and surprise. Living in a model house, going through the checklist of what I was willing to do and not do. I was shocked to learn a cream pie was not chocolate or coconut. Also surprised that ATM wasn’t just a place I got my money. Even more surprised that a DP wasn’t a Dr Pepper. As my agent broke these things down to me, I grew increasingly scared, and thrilled at the same time,” says Lexi

Lexi plans on making big waves with her return to performing and has already shot for Reality Studios and Deeper with shoots for New Sensations and Mile High on the horizon.

“The calling to come back to the business, never quite went away, as much as I tried to suppress it. It was always a piece of me. I change my name, jump through hoops to try and hide from the inevitable,” says Lexi.  “In the long run everyone knew, and that’s OK. It is a piece of me, a large piece of me. That being said, I jumped again and 2023. This time I am not making a ripple in the water I’m going to make a splash. I’m so thrilled on the scenes that I’ve already shot in the last month and I cannot wait to see what my next couple months look like.”

Nexxxt Level co-owner Jonathan Morgan had this to say about signing Lexi, “Everyone at Nexxxt Level is thrilled with having Lexi join our roster of incredible talented performers.  It will be great to be a part of her comeback story as she’s ready to take the adult business by storm.”

Producers can contact Jonathan Morgan (818) 326-7001 or Andre Madness (818) 383-8147 for Lexi’s availability and rates. Follow Lexi’s Twitter for updates, news and other info.