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Lauren Phillips stars in LA Review

NEXXXT LEVEL’S Super Star, Lauren Phillips, is featured in the latest project for Erin Electra called “LA Review”. The stunning redhead that has taking the industry by storm is now sharing her insatiable talents, and social media influence, with amateur producer Erin Electra.

Erin Electra is the quintessential step mom that everyone would love to meet. Her series of step mom videos is getting more popular and now drawing in super star talent like Lauren Phillips. Lauren who always puts on an incredible performance will never disappoint her fans with anything less than extraordinary. This show stars Lauren Phillips, Erin Electra and Matthias Christ.

Lauren had this to share about making this project, “It’s such an honor to be involved with so many different types of productions regularly. My career has an incredible array of scenes and this one will certainly appeal to a special group of fans that love this style of shooting. I had a blast making the scene and really enjoyed working with the director, Erin Electra, too. I hope all my fans get a chance to see this performance and continue supporting all the wonderful producers that keep using me in their shows.”

“LA Review” is out and available now.