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Hot and sexy MILF’s abound in this send up of soccer moms and their love of hot anal sex. “Anal Soccer Moms 2” featuring Nexxxt Level’s red-haired raven Lauren Phillips will not disappoint fans of beautiful MILF’s or hot anal sex. Saturday afternoon soccer games are fueled by the minivan driving moms that make it happen. These moms are a staple of mainstream middle America, but what if….?  What if they were secretly horny anal sluts? What if the mom on her cell phone and drinking her latte, half paying attention to the action on the field just wanted anal action all day long?  What if Perv City answered both of these questions and more with several orgasm inducing scenarios?  Look no further than “Anal Soccer Moms 2” where these fantasies cum to life.

“I love working for the entire team at Perv City and this shoot was by far the funniest so far. My #1 favorite thing when it comes to sex is hard anal fucking and this movie has that in full. Mr. Pete fucked my ass so good that I was so cum drunk at the end that I stumbled home with a smile on my face. I know my fans will love this movie,” said Lauren about her work on the gonzo feature.  “I know deep down inside soccer moms are horny, they play it off as they can’t be bothered, but come on, they need orgasms too.  I’m sure Mr. Pete would be willing, as he treated my ass so right!”

“Anal Soccer Moms 2” featuring Lauren Phillips, Mona Wales, Savana Styles and Missy Martinez is available now from Perv City on DVD and VOD.