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Lauren Phillips Rocks the Mat with Lance Hart in Evolved Fights

Lauren Phillips, is featured in the latest Evolved Fights release in a match with Lance Hart. The redheaded bombshell shows off her physical prowess in a wrestling showcase with her athleticism and sex appeal. Fans of Miss Phillips are going to love the diversity of her talents and genuinely enjoy the entertainment of if too.

Evolved Fights has been dominating the niche market of sexy wrestling that goes beyond any of the matches you may watch on TV. Sex wrestling is an incredibly unique way to show off playful fun that would normally happen in the bedroom, on a mat. Director/Producer Ariel X has been mastering the art of sexy wrestling and capturing the best of the performers at the same time.

Lauren Phillips shared this about her experience with Evolved Fights, “I have always loved this type of showmanship and found the entire experience to be super-hot at the same time. Lance Hart was a lot of fun to work with and a truly worthy opponent. I can’t wait to share this with my fans and look forward to returning again soon with this company to show even more of my dominance.”