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Lauren Phillips Has An Orgasmic Three-Way In My Pocket

NEXXXT LEVEL sensation Lauren Phillips has yet another new title to add to her list of credits.  She stars opposite Coco Lovelock and TS performer Kasey Kei in Adult Time’s In My Pocket.

The scene opens with Lauren and Coco having sex poolside and when the girls’ masseuse Kasey arrived, they all move inside to the bedroom.  Kasey’s massage doesn’t last very long and soon all three performers are enjoying pleasuring each other.  The scene clocks in at almost 60 minutes and fans of Lauren will love this scene in In My Pocket.  Lauren, Coco and Kasey have delivered an award-worthy performance.

Nexxxt Level co-owner Andre Madness says Lauren is an amazing performer, “Having Lauren on the Nexxxt Level roster is a great thing.  She continues to be one of our most popular models and performances are always solid. Fans love her and she loves her fans.  Whether she’s feature dancing, appearing at conventions or on set, Lauren is always working on something great and it’s its awesome to be a part of it!” 

In My Pocket starring Lauren Phillips, Coco Lovelock, Kasey Kei, Rachael Cavalli and Janie Blade is available now from Adult Time.

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