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Lauren Phillips and Victoria Voxxx share Cover of The Neighborhood Bush Watch 5

NEXXXT LEVEL’S Super Stars, Lauren Phillips and Victoria Voxxx on the cover of Little Dragon Pictures’ latest bush movie release. These two powerhouse performers deliver an incredible performance that fans are going to genuinely love. When porn’s favorite ginger meets her bubble butt co-star, in a bush showcase movie, magic is bound to happen.

Little Dragon Pictures is on their fifth volume of the increasingly popular bush series that stars Lauren Phillips, Victoria Voxxx, Kay Carter, Shelby Paris, Kendra Cole, Sheena Rose and Lilimissarab in some of the hottest bush scenes ever captured.

Lauren Phillips had this to share about her experience making the movie, “I had a absolute blast working with this company and couldn’t have asked for a sexier costar than Victoria Voxxx. Our scene was fire, and I get excited just thinking about how incredible it was to film.”
Victoria Voxxx offered this about the film, “I am so grateful to share the box cover with my Nexxxt Level sister Lauren Phillips. She’s a truly amazing performer and I had so much fun working with her and the crew that day. I remember we both put everything we had into the scene and gave every ounce of energy to the scene. I can’t wait to share this movie with the porn, and bush loving, world!”

“The Neighborhood Bush Watch 5” is out and available now on both DVD & VOD.