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Krissy Lynn, Petra Blair and Gwen Vicious Collaborate with Veteran Director, Alan Xavier

NEXXXT LEVEL superstars, Krissy Lynn, Petra Blair and Gwen Vicious have each produced their own scenes with veteran director Alan Xavier.  As the multi-platform studios continue to offer performers an opportunity to create and earn from their own work, it appears veteran director Alan Xavier has found an innovative opportunity to share his film making talents with a community he adores.

Alan Xavier had this to offer, “I’m really thrilled that we are in an unprecedented era of performer produced content. I see performers putting a lot of energy into their self-produced, self-shot content and have achieved incredible results using nothing but a smartphone and a tripod. The concept behind my new studio “She Seduced Me” is that I want to partner with models and give them the ability to co-produce premium lesbian scenes using state of the art cameras and lights collaborating with an experienced director to produce something special… all without needing any budget for production.

Relationships are incredibly important in the adult film industry. I have worked with and known Andre Madness and Jonathan Morgan for over 10 years. I know and trust them, which is why they were the first agents I approached with my concept for She Seduced Me. Andre saw the value for his performers immediately and I have to credit him with being forward thinking in realizing that models are making an increasingly large percentage of their overall income from self-produced content. He saw an opportunity to enable his performers to make content that stands out. I have done shoots with 3 fantastic models from Nexxxt Level talent so far.

The first was Petra Blair who was a fantastic performer and was amazing at ad lib dialogue and even helped me drag camera gear into the mountains to shoot the sunset scene. Great girl!

The second model was Gwen Vicious who did a fantastic scene with Georgia Jones. She played a great shy, teen Lolita character me that was the perfect foil to Georgia’s aggrieved wife character.  The entire shoot Gwen was such a sweetheart.

The third girl, Krissy Lynn is a performer I have been working with for years and have always had incredible results with. I was thrilled when she told me how serious she was taking her self-shot content and we filmed 3 outstanding scenes together that are some of my favorite yet! 

I can’t wait to keep Collaborating with Andre, Jonathan, Krissy and any other interested models from Nexxxt Level when this quarantine is over!”

“She Seduced Me” projects are out and available now on several media platforms and available from each of the participants.