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Keira Nicole featured in “How To Train a Hot Wife” from New Sensations


Keira Nicole enters a unique fantasy land in which husband and wife role play in a wild sexual adventure in the latest release from multi award winning director Jacky St. James entitled “How To Train a Hot Wife” for New Sensations.

Keira Nicole plays the part of Julia a simple yet happy housewife who thought her marriage was as strong as ever – until one night her husband, Carl, tells her that he’s fantasized about her having sex with another man. Afraid that this might be a sign of bigger problems, Julia confides in her girlfriend, Violet about her fears only to discover that Violet’s been hot wifing for years. Fascinated that happily married people can still engage in open sexual relationships, Julia and Carl begin testing their own limits as a couple. They role play a hot wifing scenario at home, Carl seeks advice from a friend who’s frequently hired as a bull by other husbands, and Julia even heads out to a bar to practice flirting with other men. Aroused by her power as a sexual force and emotionally ready for a new dimension in their relationship, Julia and Carl set out to turn fantasy into a reality.

When director Jacky St. James was asked how was it to work with raising star Keira Nicole, she was quoted saying, “It was a true pleasure working with Keira Nicole on How to Train A Hot Wife. There’s nothing better than working with performers that really want to bring as much believability to their performances as possible. Keira did just that. I’m incredibly proud of this movie and the entire cast, including Keira who is quickly becoming one of my standard go-to’s for scripted scenes.”

Keira Nicole was equally excited about getting to work with Jacky St. James and when asked about her scene and being chosen for another feature role for News Sensations,  Keira was quoted in saying “This is nuts! I’m so grateful to New Sensations for putting me on their box cover for Jacky St. James’s, “Hot Wife”.  I’d never heard of the term, “Hot Wifing” before working on this feature. The whole concept behind hot wifing, totally gets me off now! There’s nothing hotter than a couple that can open up by inviting another friend or complete stranger back to their bedroom, and allow that kind of playfulness. It’s all very kinky! And I loved our scene. I feel extremely proud of myself. Thank you Jacky St. James, for continuing to believe in me, and inspiring me to be more! Jumpstart to a great year!”

Available on April 13, from New Sensations.