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Kay Carter stars in I LOVE BIG TOYS #43

Nexxxt Level’s newcomer, Kay Carter, gets her first Box Cover for Digital Sin’s latest installment of their popular niche series called “I Love Big Toys”. Kay is new to performing, not new to sex. Her sexual prowess and energy are incredible, and her natural beauty is about to take the industry by storm. This is one of many Kay Carter movies that will be coming out this year.

Digital Sin continues to dominate the BIG TOY market with the long reigning series called I LOVE BIG TOYS. Several amazing performers before have been featured on the cover of this popular series and also within the movies themselves. It’s consistently a great collection of high energy solo performances with ridiculously oversized adult toys. The high-quality level of these shows is classic Digital Sin. Fans, over the years, have made these shows one of this company’s biggest series successes.

Kay Carter offered this, “I am honored, and grateful, to be on the cover of one of my first movies for Digital Sin. This was a personal challenge as the toys they brought out are much bigger than I’ve seen before. My jaw dropped when I saw a few of the ones that looked to be half my size. It was a great day of shooting and the crew was amazing and super professional. The environment allowed me to be comfortable and make the seemingly impossible acts actually happen. I look forward to hearing from the fans on their impression of this movie and my performance.”

I LOVE BIG TOYS #43 is out and available now.