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Katie Morgan And Pristine Edge Offer Up Erotic Therapy

Two of NEXXXT LEVEL’s top MILF superstars take the lead roles in Team Skeet’s latest take on couples therapy in Perv Therapy.  Katie and Pristine play therapists who take charge of different couples’ therapy sessions and turn them into hardcore sex sessions.  Both of these popular MILFs showcase why they’re so popular with fans in producers in their respective scenes.

Katie plays Dr. Morgan and is concerned about Rory Knox and her husband Jason.  Jason just isn’t getting it and he’s too timid of a lover for Rory, she needs something more.  That’s all Katie needs to hear and she goes right to work on Jason, showing him how to fuck his wife. Rory gets so turned on watching them, she joins in with each of them enjoying powerful orgasms throughout the scene

Not to be outdone by her colleague, Pristine’s Dr. Edge councils Jasmine Wilde and her stepfather Mike through a unique situation.  Jasmine has been turned on by hearing Mike and her mother have sex when she’s trying to sleep.  Instead of sleeping, Jasmine is so turned on, she doesn’t know what to do.  In order to help her get through her taboo desires, Pristine engages in a hot threesome with both Jasmine and Mike giving into everyone’s lustful desires.

Nexxxt Level co-owner Jonathan Morgan said both Katie and Pristine’s careers are keeping both models on the minds of their fans, “Katie and Pristine have both had stellar years in the industry.  They’ve really hit their stride this year as both are highly requested performers by producers and fans constantly keep their rankings high because they give 100% and then some.  I can’t wait to see what effect the new year will have on these ladies’ careers.”

Perv Therapy directed by Wrex Oliver and starring Katie Morgan, Pristine Edge, Rory Knox, Jasmine Wilde, Mike Mancini, Jason Michaels, April Olsen, Haley Spades and Penny Barber is available now on VOD from Team Skeet.