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Jupiter Jetson Releases Her Self-Titled Debut 5-Song EP on Spotify

Jupiter Jetson is thrilled to announce the release of her self-titled 5-song EP on the Spotify streaming platform.  The fiery performer has written and arranged an EP with songs that have a classic rock or blues sound to them while giving them a modern flair.  The songs were written while Jupiter was living in Germany but weren’t recorded until she returned to the US a few years ago.  The producer she was working with ultimately shelved the release, not because of any flaw, but they felt the world wasn’t ready for it.  As Jupiter explains, “This EP is essentially a time capsule. I wrote these songs when I lived in Germany; recording them was the first thing I did when I came back to the US in 2014. Unfortunately, the producer thought that what the world really needed was more mediocre cock rock and the EP got shelved.” With streaming now more popular than ever, this EP may actually get the attention it deserves.

At times Jupiter sounds like a modern-day Janis Joplin or Stevie Nicks performing a lost Fleetwood Mac track that could’ve appeared as the closing cut on Rumours.  The song “Head Case”, which could be the EP’s single, is a great dance track that Jupiter envisioned while waiting for a subway. “One song that’s not about any boys is “Head Case”; it’s literally about not being able to get a guy out of my head, is a song about no one. I wrote the progression on a subway platform because I was trying to get better at bar chords (I’m still bad at them) and I freestyled some fun fluffy lyrics to go along. I can neither confirm nor deny getting laid by telling hot people I wrote this very generic song about them.”

The other 4 tracks on the EP are about boys or relationships Jupiter has had with boys or a specific guy that she was involved with for some time.   Writing and recording these songs were therapeutic as she explains, “After a long break from music I realized that my new adult film career gives me the option of making music just for the joy of it, and I decided that it’s time to empty the vault before I sit down to record new songs. The 5 songs in this EP are largely an ode to the relationship I was in at the time with a rather depressed older man.  I have a tendency to write and sing in the first person, “Terminal” was written after watching his morning routine. “Grandma’s Boy” was our first breakup song; I taught him the guitar part so he could accompany me on the road while I worked on our 2nd breakup song, “Over You”. I’m quite sure that to this day he isn’t aware that any of my music was about him.”

Jupiter’s EP is currently available now for streaming on Spotify.

Jupiter Jetson is represented exclusively by Los Angeles-based Nexxxt Level Talent Agency.  Find Jupiter’s music on Spotify and follow her Twitter for news and updates on her adult career.