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Book smart and bedroom hot is the perfect way to describe Ella Nova, the newest addition to the growing list of Superstars at Nexxxt Level Talent Agency. This admitted ‘bookworm’ has a long list of talents and hobbies outside of the bedroom that make this porn performer stand out from the continually growing sea of new talent that enter into the exciting world of Adult Entertainment every day.  Whether it is playing the Ukulele, studying yoga or competing in Swing Dancing at the National level, Ella Nova does not partake in the off camera activities many would associate with an Adult Film Star.

When Co-Founder Andre Madness was asked why he choose to invite Ella Nova to join the very selective roster at Nexxxt Level. “As soon as I met Ella, I knew this was someone different, this was someone special and I wanted Nexxxt Level to be apart of the career of this rising young starlet”

Ella Nova was not at a lose for words when asked why she choose to join the dynamic duo of Morgan and Madness at Nexxxt Level, “I chose to trust Nexxxt Level with my career and livelihood because from day one of meeting with them I got nothing but genuine respect, limitless information and powerful professionalism. I already feel welcomed to the family ten fold and I know our future together will be long and successful! “

Ella Nova has the perfect balance for a rising starlet. From her extreme work ethic to the fact that she loves sex in every form possible. Ella is completely open to everything sexually and one might say it is easier to list what Ella will not do then what she will do. It is no wonder that the team at Nexxxt Level have high hopes for this “Bookworm Babe”.