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Cassidy Klein shines in Wicked Pictures New Beginnings


Hollywood, CA – “New Beginnings” is the latest out from Wicked Pictures exclusive director Stormy Daniels. This perfectly scripted love story centers around Nexxxt Level Super Star, Cassidy Klein as Amy. When Amy (Cassidy Klein) is accepted to a prestigious college, she must leave her small town and her first love behind to follow her dreams. Soon she finds herself struggling to make it in the big city on her meager waitressing tips while pulling long nights in the library. To make matters worse, Amy discovers her boyfriend has moved on with a new girlfriend. Enter Chloe (Aaliyah Love), a beautiful classmate who introduces Amy to Ian. He is older, charming and very wealthy. Amy is surprised to find herself falling for him. Just when Amy starts to believe Ian may be the one, she is stunned to discover nothing is as she first believed. Caught up in a shocking lie, Amy is faced with the hardest decision of her life. Sometimes saying goodbye is the only way to find a new beginning…

Stormy Daniels weighed in on why she cast Ms. Klein as the lead, “When I finished writing this script I knew I needed to hire a certain type of actress. One that had everything from amazing acting chops, to smoking hot sexual energy. This is exactly what Cassidy Klein is and I am so glad Andre Madness from Nexxxt Level brought her to my attention.”

It has been a great year for Cassidy Klein, with the recent announcement of her being nominated for the coveted ‘Best New Starlet’ from both major award distributors, 2015 has been amazing. When asked about hearing the news that she chosen for her role as the lead in “New Beginnings”, Cassidy had this to say “When my agents told me I would be the lead for a Wicked movie I thought that was amazing, but when I heard it was for the legendary director Stormy Daniels I screamed and danced around my living room.”

Along with Cassidy Klein, “New Beginnings” is packed with an all star cast with such names like Aaliyah Love, Jodi Taylor and Nexxxt Level Super Star Edyn Blair. So if your looking for an adult movie with a great story along with hot sex, you have to get your hands on the latest release from Stormy Daniels and Wicked Pictures.