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Cassidy Klein enters the Nexxxt Level

cassidy-klein-31After navigating her way through her brief time in the industry, Cassidy Klein has chosen Nexxxt Level Talent Agency to represent her and help expand her exploding career. The petite California native made her way into the adult world, looking for fame and sexual adventure. With the skills as a formerly trained actress, ballet dancer and gymnastics, Cassidy is a natural performer and entertainer.

When asked why she chose Nexxxt Level Talent she had this to say, “Jonathan and Andre made me feel like I was joining a family and not just an agency. Also they are just as excited for the future of my career as I am.”

Jonathan Morgan, Co-Owner of Nexxxt Level was very excited on the announcement of her decision, “Both myself and my partner Andre are extremely selective on who we represent and Cassidy Klein was a perfect fit with not just her stunning looks but with her amazing focus and passion in becoming the next big thing in the Porn world.”

When joining Nexxxt Level, it was Cassidy that wanted to expand her sexual talents by adding anal sex to her skill set. Cassidy was quoted in saying, “I wanted to push the limits of my sexuality when joining Nexxxt Level and I wanted to start with anal sex since I love it so much at home”. Also Cassidy is said to also be interested in adding even more new talents to her growing list as time goes by.

Producers and Directors looking for more info on Cassidy can view her portfolio here.