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Captain Jack Interviews Lyra Law


Lyra recently had a name change from Louvel to Law. Nevertheless, she is turning into a very good performer! I’ve seen Lyra in a few scenes and have been very impressed! I knew I had to talk to this girl and we got an interview done! Enjoy!

Captain Jack: Tell me about Lyra Law.

Lyra Law: I grew up in Southern California in a decently religious family. I was raised to be a super tomboy. I was a huge animal lover and had about 1 billion pets, horses, lizards, large snakes. I didn’t do too great in school. I was more interested in reading what I wanted to read and not what the teacher told me to read. I worked really hard and graduated early so I could get the hell out and do what I wanted to do!. I went to make up school in Los Angeles and joyfully ended up here.

Read the entire interview here…