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Brittany Andrews Takes on Her Son-in-Law for Devils Film

Brittany Andrews treats her son-in-law to hot sexual encounter in the latest from Devils Film and celebrated director Jim Powers.

I Titty Fucked My Mother-in-Law finds Brittany’s son-in-law very trying to help her out with a small plumbing issue in her bathroom.  After some small talk between the two, the horniness and sexual tension is undeniable and soon Brittany is sucking her son-in-law Brad Sterling’s cock with one thing leading to another.  Brittany gives fans a scene they won’t want to miss as the legendary starlet shows off her infamous oral skills on Brad.

Jim Powers captures the footage perfectly showcasing Brittany, making her look great as she and Brad take turns pleasuring each other.  She’s a celebrated and legendary adult performing with no signs of slowing down any time soon.  I Titty Fucked My Mother-in-Law is a great addition to her lengthy filmography.

Andre Madness Nexxxt Level co-owner, had this to say about Brittany longevity in the adult business, “Brittany has successfully navigated the adult industry and continues to do so.  It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination and she handles things so effortlessly due to her determination to succeed.  Since she’s signed with the agency, we’ve heard nothing but positive remarks about her performances and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Ms. Andrews in 2023.”

I Titty Fucked My Mother-In-Law starring Brittany Andrews, Charli Phoenix, Katy Jayne and Piper Press is available now on VOD from Devils Film.