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Brittany Andrews Dominates Sofie Marie for Yummy Girl

NEXXXT LEVEL superstar Hall of Fame performer Brittany Andrews stars in Yummy Girl’s latest femdom release, Mistress Mommy Dominates Sofie.  Sofie Marie is Brittany’s submissive pet in this single scene VOD release.

The minute the scene opens, Brittany fans will love how she takes control of Sofie’s vulnerability and has her way with her.  Mistress Mommy Dominates Sofia is a must for femdom/lezdom scenes as Brittany teases Sofia allowing for the all-important forced orgasm.  The chemistry between the two performers is undeniable as they clearly enjoyed working with each other in this incredibly hot scene.  Brittany working over Sofie with the strap-on is one of the high points in the scene.

Jonathan Morgan, Nexxxt Level co-owner, had this to say about Brittany and her career to date, “Brittany is an adult industry legend and Hall of Fame performer and she is a great addition to the Nexxxt Level roster of performers.  Producers and directors who have booked her since signing with us have said wonderful things about having her on set.  I can’t wait to see how she finishes the year.”

Mistress Mommy Dominates Sofie starring Brittany Andrews and Sofie Marie is available now on VOD from Yummy Girl.

Brittany Andrews is available now for bookings, producers can contact Jonathan Morgan (818) 326-7001 or Andre Madness (818) 383-8147 for his availability and rates. Follow Brittany on Twitter or join her website for updates and more info.