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Britney Amber on the Cover of Adult Time’s Model Time Volume 5

Britney Amber shares the cover for Adult Time Studio’s latest release called “Model Time Volume 5”. Britney, once again, brings her star power to this release in an unforgettable performance that shares shorts created by the talent.

Model Time is an Adult Time studio dedicated to showcasing independent adult content! Their award-winning team commissions original projects from some of the most creative and sexual people on earth, from porn stars to clip artists to first-time filmmakers. They offer their projects on Adult Time as a way for fans to sample the work of our creators, while also being able to purchase the creator’s content and services directly.

Britney Amber had this to share about making this project, “I had the most incredible time performing for this project. It takes a lot to do a one woman show and make it something special. I love the concept of this release and hope to participate more with the company in the near future.”

“Model Time Volume 5” is available now on both DVD & VOD.