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Brandi Love featured in ‘Almost Relatives’


Sex is Always Hotter When You’re Almost Relatives.

Things become heated between a bride and the best man when their explosive attraction to one another makes them question their loyalty to the groom. When father-of-the-bride, Tommy wakes up naked in the maid-of-honor’s bed, he realizes that maybe there is great sex after marriage. A illicit affair between groom, Chad and his future mother-in-law reaches a breaking point when things get hot and heavy just hours before the wedding. Unprepared and flustered by her responsibilities as a bridesmaid, Scarlet gets swept up in an afternoon tryst with the minister when he gives her a massage as a way of de-stressing her.

Porn’s “IT” MILF star Brandi Love, racks up another amazing role in the much hyped New Sensations release entitled “Almost Relatives”. Directed by the multi award winning and much celebrated, Jacky St. James, this feature involves a complicated tryst of sex-tacular proportions.

It’s a super sexy story revolving around the sexual tension between two families as they become one through the bond of marriage. When asked about working with Brandi Love, Jacky St. James had this to say…

“Brandi Love was a true joy to work with on “Almost Relatives”. She brought to life a character that did some incredibly, unlikeable things yet still managed to make her sympathetic. Even if it was in a comical way”

The love-fest continues as Brandi herself shares her enthusiasm for working with award winning director…

“Working with Jacky is always a treat. The roles she has me play are intense and push me past my comfort zone which I enjoy… immensely. “Almost Relatives” is a twisted movie full of right and left turns keeping you guessing and shocking you at the end. The dialogue is heart felt as well as incredibly wrong. The wrong turns oh so right once the sex begins. A ridiculously hot cast should put this movie at the top of your must see. Karla Kush masters her role and working with Chad White was, well… a sincere pleasure. What a lucky woman I am to have such a hot son in law *wink*”

Dont miss “Almost Relatives”…hitting stores on March 23, 2015