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Avi Love, featured in Finding Rebecca

NEXXXT LEVEL Superstar, Avi Love is featured on the cover of Wicked Pictures’ latest project by veteran director Holly Randall.  “FINDING REBECCA” marks another amazing Wicked show for Holly and the incredible cast and crew she put together. The box cover is as artistically designed as the project itself.

Wicked Pictures has led the industry with the highest rated adult feature movies for decades, also by winning some of the biggest accolades the award shows have to offer each year.  Holly Randall continues that standard of excellence with her direction in her most recent show for the company.  The collaboration of Holly and Wicked is a winning combination for adult industry superstars to stretch their acting range under the watchful eye of Ms. Randall.

Avi Love shared this about her experience working on the set, “I love working for Wicked Pictures and Holly Randall.  I had so much fun on set and we all seemed to come together as a fine oiled machine when Holly called action.  I am grateful and honored to continue being called back to perform in Wicked Pictures projects.  As for my costars, Jayden Cole is such a beautiful woman and I couldn’t have wished for a better female co-star and scene partner.  All-in-all it was a lot of work and totally worth it in the end.  I can’t wait to share this latest film with all of my fans.”

“FINDING REBECCA” is out and available now.