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Audrey Miles goes for gold with Nexxxt Level

Beauty, Brains and Determination!

Audrey Miles was an All Star soccer player in school, with dreams of becoming an Olympic gold medalist. Today Audrey Miles has her eyes set on a new trophy, that of “Best New Starlet” and she has teamed up with Nexxxt Level Talent Agency to help her get there. Miss Miles originally met with the owners of Nexxxt Level, in January, just before the start of her path into the adult industry. The experiences she shared during her six months in the industry recently caught the attention of the team who, with Audrey’s renewed determination, now felt would be the best time for partnering up.

Audrey had this to offer about why she wanted to team up with Nexxxt Level, “I believe Andre and Jonathan will be able to help me grow as a performer and help me become the best version of myself as an entertainer. They are extremely professional, outstanding communicators, and last but not least, smart. I spoke with Andre and Jonathan before I started performing. During the rough times they always responded to my updates, and now nine months later, they will be representing me in helping to build my brand. I’m so grateful and appreciative to have the opportunity to have them as my agents.”

Andre Madness added this to the new venture, “Audrey Miles is poised to become something special in this industry. Her experiences, to this point, have set her on a much different path than when we originally met. Audrey possesses a hunger to take create a lucrative career in the business, and we are eager to get that journey started. Miss Miles will be adding of slew of new sexual acts to her list of limitations and is looking to rebrand herself as a sexual beast to the industry. “

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