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Ariel Darling Has Good Clean Fun in Bad Lesbian 6

NEXXXT LEVEL rising starlet Ariel Darling stars in Girlfriends Films’ Bad Lesbian 6 with Serene Siren, Theodora Day, Jesse Pony, Delilah Day and Ailee Anne.  Directed in the signature Girlfriends Films’ style by B Skow, who makes all the performers look their best.  This is Ariel’s second title to be released by Girlfriends in the last few weeks, with Sisters 5 coming out in late October.

Things start off innocently enough between Ariel and her scene partner Theodora but then the energy builds where both girls are feverishly trying to give each other the orgasms they need.  The chemistry between the ladies is what makes the scene so intense and satisfying.

Nexxxt Level co-owner Jonathan Morgan had this to say about Ariel’s appeal with both production companies and fans, “Ariel brings a great attitude to set and since signing with us, we’ve heard nothing but great things.  Her fanbase is growth has been on the upswing with the release of every new scene.  There’s no blueprint for navigating the adult business and despite that, Ariel is doing an amazing job creating a name for herself.”

Bad Lesbian 6 starring Ariel Darling Serene Siren, Theodora Day, Jesse Pony, Delilah Day and Ailee Anne is available on VOD from Girlfriend Films.