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10 Simple Steps To Set Yourself Apart From The Rest

top10“Top 10 with Jonathan Morgan” is an ongoing series of tips, tricks and advice pertaining to topics in the adult film industry and directed at talent. Sharing part of the insight that makes our talent NEXXXT Level.

Over time I have been asked by thousands of “Up & Cumming” porn starlets, as well as seasoned veterans in the adult biz, what my advice would be on how they can stand out above the thousands of new and veteran performers currently working in porn and hopefully become that next big “IT” girl in the adult world. So when given an opportunity to start my own blog, I decided to come up with my 10 simple steps that will set you apart from everyone else out there and guarantees that one of three things will happen.

• Following my 10 simple steps will not only get you noticed but everyone will have your name on their lips taking about you.

• You increase your chance a thousand fold of getting rehired by the director on set, as well as getting newly hired by other directors or talent on set with you as well.

• Following these steps every time your on set you set yourself up to become the next big “IT” girl in the world of Porn…

So without further ado, here are my 10 simple steps…

#1 SHOW UP ON TIME: I cannot tell you how many times this simple step is never followed. This is the first thing that shows a director as well as everyone else on set the level of professionalism you set for yourself. Think of it this way…why would the director want to hire you in the future when you can’t even show up on time to his set today. You will never be the next big “IT” girl if you can’t show up on time to claim that honor.

#2 SHOW UP READY TO WORK: You want to always arrive on set freshly showered and smelling good, as well as have your nails nicely manicured and pedicured. If you look like a million bucks, people will always associate you as someone who cares about themselves and what they bring to the game. Remember if you don’t give a crab on how you look or smell, why should anyone else.

#3 BRING SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR EVERYONE: Allot of times most sets will have little to no food and what a better way to stand out by arriving on set ( on time of course ) with a special treat for everyone. It doesn’t have to cost much but the impact will be priceless. Some examples could be a box of doughnuts ( under $10 ), a box filled with Starbucks coffee ( around $15 ) or even “Homemade” cupcakes ( under $5 ). As a director I never forget the performers that brought a tasty treat to my set and made everyone smile.

#4 SAY HELLO TO EVERYONE: I always tell our girls at Nexxxt Level Talent Agency to say hi to EVERYONE for the simple reason that now you have guaranteed yourself that everyone on that set knows who you are and if you do an outstanding job on set they will say your name to other directors or producers out there. You never want to lose a potential future booking because the guy singing your praises doesn’t even know who you are.

#5 SHOW UP WITH THE CORRECT WARDROBE: Almost ever set you will ever be on will always need a certain type of wardrobe for you to provide. Every director you work for wants you to look your best in his movie and will tell you the exact type of clothes he will need you to bring in order for you to not only look good BUT fit into the theme of the movie he is shooting. When you show up on set with the wrong wardrobe OR lack of wardrobe, you are telling that director that you could care less about how you look in his movie, as well as his over all vision of it.

#6 IF THERE IS A SCRIPT, HAVE IT MEMORIZED: Some sets that you will be hired on require you to know some lines from a script that will set up the sex scene you will be involved in. Too many times performers feel that they can study their lines while waiting to be called on set. BUT, what if you are needed right when you show up on set and that time is not available to you. Nothing will slow a set down quicker, then you not knowing your lines when the camera is rolling. Allot of directors ( including myself ) notice if you have your script perfectly memorized before hand. It tells us that you are taking this part very serious and should be given larger roles ( even leads ) in future movies of theirs.

#7 DON’T BRING YOUR DRAMA TO SET: Look we all have problems at home but at no time should you bring up how you hate your boyfriend because he cheated on you with the director or even worse your sex partner for the movie set you are on. Nothing will kill a sets mood then talking about your drama. You want to have the image of a “Drama Free” performer whenever you are on set.

#8 TAKE A TON OF PICTURES: A lot of performers don’t realize how important taking pictures on set and later Tweeting about them has.

  1. It gives the performer’s followers a “Behind the Scene” look into the making of a porno that performer is starring in and in turn helps generate even more followers.

  2. Most companies take special notice to performers that tweet and help push interest to their movies. Companies want to continue to hire performers that help them boost interest as well as sells through social media.

#9 HAVE YOUR PAPERWORK ON YOU: A lot of the time you will be asked to present a hard copy of your ID’s and current test. Never show up on set with out these forms of paper work. No paper work could mean you being replaced and out of work for the day.

#10 THANK EVERYONE WHEN YOU’RE DONE: When you are done for the day, make sure you take the time to thank everyone on set. What this will do is not only show everyone how kind and sweet you are, BUT again will guarantee that everyone remembers you and possible generate future booking for you.